A Walk to Eternity by P.H. Nair

Poetry Potion | March 12th, 2015 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | No Comments

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I have walked a long way
On the way to freedom, yearning to feel light

Amidst the crowds in a bazaar
The urchins running along me
Along the fields, across the forest, I have walked the lonely paths
My own shadow distancing from me
The sun, the eternal witness, the flowing rivers,
The smiling flowers, singing birds being my pointers

I have retraced the same paths,
During different times of the year
Once when the sun shone bright, the trees green
Then as the leaves turned yellow and shed its leaves

I’ve walked into the slaughter houses
And walked out of the temples
In search of the eternal wisdom
In hopes of reaching the promised land

Today my heels aching, body tired,
I still dream of walking the unexplored paths
For the thirst of mind yet is still not quenched
The hopes of reaching the other side intact

Poet Bio

Ms. Nair has her masters in Science and bachelors in engineering. She lives in Melville, Jo’burg and is a freelance writer

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