About My God by Ntando Ncube

Ntando Ncube | May 20th, 2016 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | 1 Comment

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To the ends of the earth,
His works are known.
In the air that we breathe,
The food that we eat,
In the water that we drink.
I feel Him in the strong winds
that blow from the distant lands.
I smell Him in the dark clouds
pregnant with rain.
He is the heat of the blazing fire;
Even the fire itself.

The might of a river is He
From the raging rapids
to the gentle ripple.
He is the magnificent waterfall
The thundering waves of the Atlantic
Also the majestic kopjes
in the African plains.
I see His image when I look at you
and when you smile.
God is you and me
He is the strength of the weak,
and the voice of the meek
He is hope for the sick,
Lightning and thunder.
Jah is the very fabric of life;
the beginning and end of it.

He is the might of the lion
and the grandeur of Table Mountain
The architect of creation,
He is the sun and the moon and the stars.
Strong winds blow and the dust rises:
That is God at work.
With Him everything is for a reason:
There is no end without beginning
and no life without death
Can there be joy without sorrow?
God is both the question and the answer.

Now you are aware of our connection;
one that binds us to God.
God is life itself
To live is to love
and to love is to know God
He is all and all is Him
The mystic reveals itself
within our daily lives…
A breath away, a touch away,
I feel Him within and around me,
He is… everywhere.

Poet Bio

Ntando Ncube is the offspring of the black nation, son of the soil. He is the Creation of God – Him whose lifegiving breath brought to life lifeless soil. Ntando Ncube is part of the great circle of life, the gagamel…he’s the ancient poet. In this jungle Ntando Ncube is not just a gorilla but he is KING KONG!

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1 thought on “About My God by Ntando Ncube”

  1. God explained through natures’ beauty;
    Duality of existence and a search for the meaning of who God is, is found through this piece(although not entirely). Exeptional Diction; Reader friendly.

    Thank you fully for such a great piece. I give you a 4/5.

    Soul’o Rocks

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