Absent Father by Nkwana Joshua

Nkwana Joshua | May 3rd, 2022 | poetry | 1 Comment

Poet Bio

some days
you’re foam of smoke
to the sky

some days
the wind –

nobody knows
your whereabouts
or your exit clause

Poet Bio

Nkwana Joshua Serutle is a poet and a lover of nature. His work has appeared in various publications including Re Batho le Mmimo (2021), Education as Change (2020), Corona’cles 2020, Poetic Egalitarianism Anthology (2020), Praxis Magazine, Poetry Potion, Odd Magazine, Sol Plaatje EU Anthology Vol.8, Avbob Poetry, Best New African Poets Anthology(2018), MuseIndia, Every Writer’s Resource and elsewhere.

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