Accept my invitation by Ephraim Zuva

Ephraim Zuva | March 30th, 2009 | poetry | No Comments

Should I had eavesdropped to the dictum,
‘Keep your friends close and
Your enemies even closer’
I would have known
You were busy conspiring and plotting
Iniquity against me

Like the mischievous leprechaun
You took a undertake to ambush me
Won’t respite till I am slain
How was I to know?
When you astutely acted a brother

You are such an actor
So innate and synthetic
at the same time

Deceit and trickery defines you
Master of both good and ghastly
You play both the main actor and antagonist
I even believed I could confide in you
Guess It was just a hoodwink
Still I love you

All the same please accept my invitee
Come to our home and witness
How we luxury our visitors
Anticipate superlative services
I have already forgive you

When you pursued me with machetes
Knobkerries, spears, bows and arrows
More than you physically injured me
You also psychologically handicapped me

The more I tried to comprehend your action
The more I stretched myself past the limit
Till I was just a psychological casualty
With no cerebral defense
proficient of inflicting untold damage
In retaliation
But mercy found me in my anger

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