Acceptance by Lerato Lelia

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You see me as a black rose… dark, different and indifferent. Waiting to whittle away at your expectations, burn to ashes and become victim to your degradation.

As a witness to my own hiding… I see you trying to fight me, deny me and box me away to a place where no one will find me, confine me. You don’t realize I am bursting inside, creating my own place to hide.

You see me as a dark horse, difficult to tame, trying to find my own way not bowing down to what you have to say, you want to put me down… to play with me and keep me in this self-society created cage.

So many queries about why I don’t walk the path bound by society’s theories and ideologies, greeting and fearing the shadows that follow me, you torture me. You hate me.

You see me as an eclipse that comes as a sign of a curse stepping on everybody else’s turf, however I see myself as a bird. Flying away from the troubles that knack from my very soul, humbled by the beauty of the chips of a coal… I see myself as a mole.

A diamond that glitters in the deep holes, hidden and tucked away in the naiveties of a newborn… inside myself I am home, the rose amongst the thorns.

So to clarify and justify the ignorant mindsets that arise from the why… any queeries about who I am can be directed in the comfort of my identity and be left to die.

Poet Bio

A young lady trying to find her feet in the world. Journalist and writer aspiring to inform, inspire and aspire for growth, change and love.


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