Adamant by Phillip

Phillip | May 4th, 2018 | poetry | No Comments

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Remember when the sound of my love was a step or two
Against the snakes of your heart
Why I make sure you come out a better Eve
Come I tell you a tale, holding a snake’s tail, about how falling from this you’ll end up in the underworld
I’d rather you fall for me
Ah but I forget
The cunning, slithering knowledge bearer, pleasure seeker is also inside of us
It’s not only outside, my threat wasn’t outside
But inside of you, how you betray me
You hid yourself from me a thousand Edens away
You hid yourself from my presence
How I’ve been trying to be a better Adam
But you’d rather me a bitter ape
My favourite betrayal
Come I tell you, since you’ve fell away from me, you’ll only end up in the underworld
Where there is no agape love

Poet Bio

a poet, an impressionist, a lover of words, a South African.

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