African Black Brother by Christo Frederick Crous

Christo Frederick Crous | May 5th, 2016 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | No Comments

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Black brother.
You are not black.
You are not the shadow in power,
Neither are you the wounds you lick.

The mud made us both shine,
We stood the test of time,
We stand on solid ground.
A friendship bound.

You have been the uneducated,
and misinterpreted.
You have been deaf to the weeping
Child on your chieftains side.

Now be with me,
My tanned brother.
With spear of mind hear my plea.
Learn and you will prosper.

Racism is the sickness that bleeds you.
Send the tainted away.
The unloved do not need you as I.
I love you.

Do not despair,
Yearning for knowledge will make you
Living for love will see the lovers come.

Poet Bio

Christo Frederick Crous is a 25 year old aspiring author.

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