African Renaissance by Tefo Tlale

Tefo Tlale | December 23rd, 2020 | poetry | No Comments


Africa adorned in new reality.
A vision long dreamt of by many.
The ascension has arrived. Supplanting all doubts, firmly on her own feet, confident and unbound.

Her people now awakened, cast off the oppressive cloak of ignorance. Now emboldened from the changing tides. Free of chains, they embrace the sky, accelerating their rise.

Minds now free, creativity of thought is unleashed.
Now undivided, her people are one. Professing unity, the language of peace. Borderless democracy, integrated economies, safety and security, the new order of the day.

From Addis Ababa, Bangui and Luanda
Reverberating harmony, no longer at war, prosperity equally shared by all.

Thus begins the era of the African Renaissance.

Poet Bio

Tefo Tlale is multi-award winning Advocate of the High Court of South Africa. He is a proponent of African Renaissance influenced heavily by his post-graduate studies in Paris, France where he was exposed to the experiences of the African diaspora abroad. He hopes to see an integrated Africa in his human lifetime. A stoic, music aficionado, he finds healing in jazz music and poetry. He is currently completing his MBA and is based in Johannesburg.

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