Afrika Without Borders by Nyakale Mokgosi

Nyakale Mokgosi | September 1st, 2007 | featured poem | No Comments

hiding behind the skirts
of victimization, little progress

pulling the rug
from other africans’ feet
independence no longer sweet
freedom still a pipedream

porous borders policing people
valiantly, all in vain
an island of prosperity
in a sea of poverty
hope hanging by a thread
like a broken record

africans of all hues
prowling 4 meaningful cues
claim their motherland
from a petit bourgeoisie
in afrika people need dreams
not borders

the pride of madness
becoming delusion, lapped up
like strawberry & cream
power failures are the norm
broken fingernails
worked to the bone                               perhaps rent a retiring concord
african women sold                             export double digit growth all round
across permeable borders                  no borders, no drama queens
is afrika beyond redemption

motho ke motho ka batho
i am because you are
umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu


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