Afro-Hair Politik by Dimakatso Sedite

Dimakatso Sedite | Feb 10th, 2016 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | No Comments

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[tab id=1]Dis ‘fro
Coiled or curled or kinky,
Ain’t no ‘Do
A brush won’t do

Dis ‘fro
Lines on the scalp,
Take me to you
I mean a ‘lack’, lovey
I mean Black, bro
I mean fear, father
Baking me black, boo
Taking me back, brother
Taking my swag, sister
Leading me to me..

Ain’t going back
A relaxer, a wig,
Is all it takes , dawg
To fix it all
[tab id=2]Dimakatso Sedite is a writer and poet. She lives in Bloemfontein. She is writes in a female South African voice about issues that affect township women. She also writes prose about colonial history, but with a non-fiction tinge.[/tab]


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