After drowning by Thabe Nakl

Thabe Nakl | October 5th, 2018 | poetry | No Comments


After drowning,
Flushed by the flood of your wake.
A gushing gorge,
The roar of a rushing ravine
I thought I could Sea.
You waving tidal tempers,
Engulfed, shoulder-high, by glaciers
Now still.
Are you Ocean? Brook? Lake?
As I approach,
I just hope you are Well.

Poet Bio

Thabe Nakl is a professional filmmaker, illustrator and spoken-word artist based in Cape Town, South Africa.
His craft speaks of Healing, Heritage, Hope, Worship, Love.
True to his moniker (a tabernacle: living temple), through Art he aims to bring colour to Light – urging audiences towards reformation.

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