All in a spoon by Salimah Valiani

Salimah Valiani | Oct 9th, 2019 | poetry | No Comments


All in a spoon

A small teaspoon,
A teaspoon twice its size:
What can one do
the other cannot?

A small teaspoon can train the mind to
eat less eat slower
A small teaspoon can stretch
l e s s f o o d f u r t h e r
A small teaspoon leads to a soup spoon,
fork, and other utensils
which narrow the gaps
between adults, elders and children.

Imagine the majority of an entire country
using the small teaspoon
Imagine the majority of another country
using the large teaspoon

Who provides the spoons on the market?

What is the difference in relative price
(almost none)

The difference is between two economies:
One structured on supplying a minority with plenty
at prices better than affordable
(because everyone else’s wages are so low)

One structured on milking a majority which
is paid just enough to over-consume half-real products

The difference is between
Apartheid capitalism and
USAmerican capitalism

Both of which are still with us today.

Poet Bio

Salimah Valiani is a poet, activist and researcher. She has published four collections of poetry including Letter Out: Letter In, from which this poem has been reproduced. One of her most recent published poems is ‘Commemoration of Fidel Castro Ruz, Lillisleaf Farm, 2017, in Poetry Potion 14, 2018.

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