All in the name of love by AMOS

AMOS | February 16th, 2023 | poetry | No Comments

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my love
you breathed life
into my heart
like a sea breeze
but after our vows
you came home
like a bearded storm
breaking my neck
and twisting my arms
and uprooting all
my trust
from my heart!

now the storm is over
the noise died off
and peace and calmness
reign in our house
though i’m left
with uprooted
trust and shattered
trust scattered
on the floor
of my mind

i’m nursing
my broken ribs
and dislocated hips
and today
i’m the best friend
of my wheelchair
hands that once toyed
with my tender breasts
have today uprooted my hair

it was all in the name of love
my hatred for you is Noah’s flood
even now my heart still roam above
with nowhere to alight like a dove

Poet Bio

Phahunye Amos Tebeila is a published poetry and novel author.

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