All my tomorrow’s by Lindile Manzingana

Lindile Manzingana | August 12th, 2018 | poetry | 1 Comment


How dare I imagine
That tomorrow would be void of the hurts of today
How can tomorrow discount the baggage of yesterday?
The wounds that still silently bleed despite my attempts to mask them
Is hope formed when the moon disappears behind the mountains to give way to the sun?
Does anxiousness dissipate with the rising of the sun on a new day?

How dare I imagine creating tomorrow is nothing but a whisper in space
A wish that floats on the fabric of the universe until it’s magically born
How dare I imagine tomorrow will be a shelter from the things I’ve been running from all this time
A place of solitude to make me not confront my own brokenness

I will not wait for the sun
Nor am I interested in the moon’s farewell when its time comes
I’m creating my tomorrow right this moment
Confronting the single source of power that’s always shaped the quality of my days
I’m looking in the mirror and making the change
Creating all my long dreamed tomorrow’s within me today

Poet Bio

Misfit introvert. Red wine lover. Refused rehab for coffee. Adrenalin junkie. At the mercy of his pen when it calls.

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1 thought on “All my tomorrow’s by Lindile Manzingana”

  1. Profound. Evoking… “Creating all my dreamed tomorrow’s within today” – oh, they way to be.
    I am excited your work is getting out

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