Amazonia (Part 3) by Xoa Mannie

Xoa Mannie | Aug 31st, 2019 | poetry | No Comments


We had black rainwater for breakfast
and darkness for lunch.
Imagine, not being able to eat because
The air is too painful to breathe.

I miss the clean air.
I miss being a warrior for my children.
Our forest has been burning for four weeks and I
am realizing that I need to gain another sense to survive.

We all need to live.
We have ended the game and sadly,
Thanos can’t snap his fingers.
How do we restore the balance?

We have not accepted that when all this ends,
we cannot eat money.
Do not tell me about cattle,
Tell me about all the knowledge that is being wiped out.

Nature comes back eventually but before it does,
It will destroy us completely.
It is about time we face the consequences of our actions
But remember, Earth has been here longer than us.

Poet Bio

Zoleka Xoa Mannie is a 25-year-old Social ape, in essence: an aesthetic philosopher, creative, poet, philosopher, and visual communicator. She expresses my life as a hyper-romantic social ape that is passionate about the creation, discovery and the dominance of the human condition.

Perhaps some would say she lives in the abstract wildlife of her existence yet still resisting anything that dehumanizes the melanin identity and victories, especially being a young black woman living in South Africa, Johannesburg. She is feisty and against the crimes we commit against each other as people. She feels as though it is the right time to heal ourselves.

She would just like to contribute and engage her narrative as it extends and is inspired by the relationships in her life to maybe create intercultural dialogues. It is very mystical and purely focuses on the similarities in our human nature, of which I extend as metaphors for my ”empty museum”

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