An ancestral melody by Bokang Maragelo

Bokang Maragelo | June 21st, 2021 | poetry | 1 Comment


Grandpa was a guitarist in his days
Gogo says with a smile on her face
As she slowly dances to nostalgia
On days The guitarist mountain
Calls back grandpa and he sits outside
The whole day looking at it
Becoming the instrument
As he plays his invincible guitar
Humming a sad song of the old
Then Gogo shouts “He’s losing his mind again”
But that’s when the Chords rejoice
When he answers the call back from
The cursed guitar’s mountain
Legend says it’s a forbidden ancestoral place
And that one day it called to grandpa
And he played his guitar all the way to the top
Left it there and a piece of his sanity too

He hasn’t been that same since that day
Gogo says
But oh what a beautiful sight it is
Listening to him when the guitar’s mountain call
And he becomes the instruction
When the Chords rejoice in his head

He’s here now, playing and you call feel from the gentle breeze that the ancestors are happy.

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Bokang Maragelo is a poet/writer
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