An Ode To The Muse by Sihle Ntuli

Sihle Ntuli | February 19th, 2012 | poetry | No Comments

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Muse sitting on the hypotenuse
The complexities of Pythagoras I tri an angle of the view
Guilty curves drive brains over the leap of faith
Sparking thought in the air
Landing on an explosion
I left The State called “ Mind”
Just an outsider They say I’m out “Mind”
Like Mind was rationed
No brain scratching i play irrational with no skips,
I’m goin from D to J
And if you thought I was Jumping to conclusions ,I’d jump again anyway
Just for kicks I have eshoes I “just do it” cause “Cause i’m all in”
What I stand for speaks for itself
My body of work born of a muse thats fused with the blue’s
Slow Percussion is my mood
Hate love, Love Hate where  is my muse?
Normality was a long time ago
That shipped has sailed
It battles a storm of hate camouflaged as Love
In the cypher that can’t b deciphered
While they claim Hips that Hop getting killed by assassins
As in the ass but no sin
I can’t lie on this sheet of red ink
I’m Slept on like the undertone’s
My muse rubs my back when i turn on all of you
Muse sitting on the hypotenuse
This is my ode to you.

Poet Bio

Sihle Ntuli is a 21 year old writer who currently lives in Durban, South Africa, his work can be found on various online journals including Itch, Sang Bleu, Jiggered, Free Riddim & Poetry Potion


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