And the beasts wept by Quaz Roodt

Quaz | August 12th, 2017 | a poem a day challenge, featured poem | No Comments

During the funeral
Dogs bark praise to St Francis of Assisi.
Township scarred ,crooked tails wagging
listen to the hounds howl their adoration for St Roch

When the sermon ends,
and the body is neatly folded back into the earth
The dogs watch the line of mourners
Filing pass the metal basin at the gate
Respectfully dipping their hands in the soiled water
washing away the day and death’s aroma

After the feast
The funeral goers
shed their mourning at the gate
and make for their lively homes
Abandoning the bereaved family
with the dirty dishes and bones.
…that is when the dogs show up,
to show their last respect.

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