“Andisoze Ndiphinde Ndivukelwe!” (I’ll Never Get Another Erection!) by C.K Baduza

C.K Baduza | Feb 23rd, 2021 | poetry | 3 Comments


“Andisoze ndiphinde ndivukelwe!”
Now it takes a lot of Balls for a man to come to such an admission earnestly.
Even in play I can hardly imagine one saying such lightly.

“Andisoze ndiphinde ndivukelwe!”
Said the middle-aged man with tears glistenin’ —
Glidin’ down his cheeks.
He was cryin’ for his stolen manhood,
His usurped throne,
For a time lost — forgotten;
The last Patriarch in a Matriarchal era.

“Andisoze ndiphinde ndivukelwe” —
Her newly found freedom,
Her liberation —
A modern woman, a women’s world,
Threatened his contingent manhood.
Her Strength stung him flaccid,

Her Sufficiency an affront —
An insult to injury.

“Andisoze ndiphinde ndivukelwe,”
Is all that I hear when a man moans over all Man’s equality.

Poet Bio

Sikelela Ndabambi, a 23-year-old Xhosa male, and an accounting student at Nelson Mandela University. His family were something of a nomads, but if he had to pick one place to call home, that would be a modest town in the Eastern Cape called Mthatha.

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3 thoughts on ““Andisoze Ndiphinde Ndivukelwe!” (I’ll Never Get Another Erection!) by C.K Baduza”

  1. Hey my name is Fortune Mahasha the poet Aka Fortune the Hurricane, i will like to participate in your platform or project and i have wrote many poems related to human rights

    1. Good day Fortune. Please feel free to submit. We accept submissions for online publishing all year long.


      Quaz Roodt

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