Answered Prayers by Maggy Greaver

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Lost within myself
in my space
misplaced judgments,
and inadequacies
in awe
In the middle of nowhere
recollection of
God’s Generosity
He knew me from my mother’s womb
He made plans to prosper me
to die for me
to love me
to provide for my every need
he birthed me, fed me
Provided me with a confident supportive mother
Crazy but always there kind of brother
placed me in a family
to experience his Love
walked with me to school
provided me brains
to absorb and pass all my grades
gave me encouraging friends in my youth
to play with and laugh with

He certified me in higher education
without a cent to loose
permitted me to party and club in dangerous places
without a scar to show for it
gave me a spirit of discernment in my youth
opportunity to learn more about him at the church guild
placed a conscious in me
that has saved my soul so many times
I lost count
because of him
I got my degree
a job
an automobile at the prime of my youth

He afforded me a good man
with a good heart
the one who married me despite all my faults
in the days of my youth
He filled us with dreams
gave us zest for love and life
allowed us fruitful joyous love
and blessed us with the most beautiful
healthy , wise girls of the pack
not only that
might I just say
He knew me from my mother’s womb
He made plans to prosper me
he provided us a home
and ensured we sleep with filled stomachs

He sustains me
He keeps me going
he tests me
not more than I can bear
my life is testimony of his very existence
his generosity in My life
is a life of answered prayers
there are tribulations
but he strengthens me
the temptations
but he protect me
there are inadequacies
but he gives me peace
all as he wills
and always on time
I know
because so much generosity
cannot be luck
or coincidence
but a testimony of answered prayers

Poet Bio

Mother, Wife and daughter , loves just writing

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