Ants in a Death Spiral by Aaishah Mayet

Aaishah Mayet | December 18th, 2023 | a poem a day challenge | No Comments

Poet Bio

We are ants
In the ways we build and farm
Many legs raising societies on the nectar of mealy bugs

We are ants
As we split into colourised warring factions:
“Reconcile or What?”
“Forgiveness is tiring”

We are ants
And the flood of past animosity will squash us all
As it banishes pheromones of love
In a death spiral

We are ants
Carrying pride the size of mountains which we pass to our children
Withholding apologies to our graves
And even death is not
Where peace reigns

Poet Bio

Aaishah Mayet hails from the City of Gold, Johannesburg, South Africa. She works in the Healthcare sector which, for her, has bridged the frontiers of our shared human experience. As a self-confessed bibliophile of many years, literature remains her teacher and her sanctuary. Her works include Haiku published in the Lotosblute, as well as works published by Agbowo, Praxis, Poetry Potion, Active Muse, the Brittle Paper, The Lote Tree Press, the International Human Rights Arts Festival and Amaliah.

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