Anxiety – Song of a Victim by Olatubosun David

Olatubosun David | October 12th, 2018 | poetry | No Comments

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With the thought of many sorrows
My sacred soul has committed a sacrilege –
Deserting her refuge
Heading for a life-time wreckage

I’ve bridled the thinking horse of my head
To speed slowly or faster away
From the course of sorrow and pains
That feasts on my mind quietly

My soul has deserted her rest
Wandering in the path of anxiety
In quest of the rest
Offered to confer by God

My mind has wandered away from her safety
Leaving me marooned in the midst of nowhere
I’ve been in a place –
A solitary path of confusion
Where reminiscence is my dream
Where emptiness is my hope

Oh my God!
I’ve drunk my mind to stupor
From the dregs of the cup of trouble
My eyes are feeble –
The return of my tears receding
My flesh is fading away –
The product of my appetite crashing
Oh my salvager!
I am the swimmer sinking
Into the depth of my ocean
The ocean of sorrows
The prey, I am, entangled in the trap
The trap of wants and worry
Like a sparrow caught in the net of confusion
Dying in the anguish of sorrows
I lay low in my valley of gloom

Oh to thy rest, my soul, I pray
And be sanitised to sanity

Poet Bio

Olatubosun David is a Nigeria writer and a poet. A graduate of Rufus Giwa Polytechnic, Owo, Ondo State (2013), in Office Technology and Management. Currently works as a Confidential Secretary in the department of Mathematical Sciences, Achievers University, Owo. Ondo State, Nigeria.

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