Aquifers sift by Dark Plasma

Dark Plasma | May 14th, 2020 | poetry | No Comments


A slanted eye buries the deep ocean’s placid silence and bleak hue
Drifting ice bags of emotional baggage weigh on her surface a heavy blue
Tilted shapes of mermaids, eternal devotion and flawless beauty now a beached whale
Earring shells adrift lost passion’s unanchored ghost ship’s assail

Moonlit beams cascading in the turbulence of a burbling sea monster’s tongues
Wash over the fragile remains of the wreckage of a heart rock hard unsung
Of a single truth in a sunken reef world of mistrust – lost in a crowd of hurricanes
A thrust into her deep wells revealing that the saltwater runs a coarse pain

Her flaws flow through cracks in the crystal balls she filters the dimming light
That once led me to her lighthouse in stormy waters and abandoned flight
To hear my thirst for a confession like a bubble of air in a drying lakeshore
To bear that my love is dying – to all my future misfortune – she was a treasure

She holds up a liquid mirror to a life of deflection and counts the ripples
In them she loses shape, in them she drowns, her elapsed years staring back at a cripple
Left behind in a blur of wasted time, a wanderer in search of a future in a lost past
Rendering an open path to those before her who now lay in the carnage of her broken mast

Poet Bio

I’m an aspiring writer. A sketch artist. Painter. And sculptor. I’m a long-distance runner and a lover of classical music and live theater. I love recycling and also create are from PET and other plastics.

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