As I near closely by Des Springhall

Des Springhall | May 15th, 2018 | poetry | No Comments


As I near closely to the edge of my darkened existence,
the jagged terrain of my ledge of hopeless resistance
My bleeding hands clawing and dragging my soul towards this inviting abyss
Alternate reality, alternate remiss,
who am I to soldier along my mind’s precipice
In vain I aim to halt my shuddering blindness,
in vain I open my eyes to stare departed into my spiritual mist
I sense myself leaning now, aching heart just careening and how,
to gather my grinding mis-adventurous being into a heaving baffled clatter,
like hurling a disembodied senseless stream of reckless abandoned matter,
I tumble disenchanted, I tumble without fear,
the faintest knowing comforts me that there is no landing here

Poet Bio

Des is a practising artisan from the Bluff

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