Attend a writing workshop with slam poets Luka Lesson (Aus) and Chris Redmond (UK)

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Word N Sound Poetry and Music is featuring two international poets on their stage this coming month.

WNS S4 Ep2

Chris Redmond who owns the Tongue Fu format in the UK and Luka Lesson an Australian slam champion, hip hop artist and workshop facilitator.

Word N Sound is offering two workshops:

Chris Redmond’s Friday, 28th Feb 2:30 – 5pm workshop will focus on: how Tongue Fu was formed;  Experimenting with various formats for literature (pop up, short format and long format events); Marketing to and attracting non-traditional audiences to literature or spoken word spaces; Taking literature and spoken word to new spaces; Monetizing literature events or formats; Use of the digital space in both brand management and audience communications will be running  a writing.

Luka Lesson’s Sunday, 2nd May 12 – 3pm workshop will focus on Exercises aimed at generating text, such as ‘stream of consciousness’, new style haiku and a deep look at creating metaphor will be chosen to warm the group up and get them writing; Learning a simple yet extremely effective process of writing a poem in response to a prompt given for each line; Editing to make their ‘final poem’.

Win 1 of 4 Seats

We have four 1 seats available at in each of the workshops i.e. 2 seats in each of the Sunday’s workshops. You must be in Johannesburg or be able to travel to Johannesburg either on Friday or Sunday. To get the opportunity to participate in one of these workshops, simply answer the question below:

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Winners will be announced Thursday 10 am

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