Autumn Leaves by Aaliyah Kara

Aaliyah Kara | March 4th, 2021 | poetry | No Comments


We wear the hues of Autumn
in our steps, glow as phoenixes
until the inevitability of death.
Our lives have written lines into
our skins, eras under our eyes
grow like tree rings.

We tremble at the tickle
of a slight zephyr, another step
another sprain closer –

Until, we are swept
into a pile of graves

The past composts future days:

In a Gallery of Reckoning,
exposed. We, Hawa’s Children
collect leaves as clothes.

When the earth feels the touch
of the last falling leaf,
we stand like bare trees.

No roots to save us


Poet Bio

Aaliyah is an accomplished performance poet who is currently committed to improving her written work. She is a studying towards a Masters degree in Education, the field along with literature, she believes has the most potential for social change.

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