Baggage by Lerato Tsotetsi

Lerato Tsotetsi | August 18th, 2017 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | No Comments


You do not look like someone who has had their heart broken before.
I chuckled and asked, “what does a person who has been hurt before look like”?
“Definitely not like you”, he said.

Should I unbandage these stale wounds?
That have managed to stitch themselves together
I bet these reeking scars will leave you in awe

Should I bear a cross on my bloody back?
Carry every man’s sin; then be crowned with thorns on this heart
After that man has spat on my womanhood

Should I wear a cloak of self pity and despair?
Get drunk on depression and high on suicidal thoughts
“to be or not to be”

Should I walk around naked?
Just to give your tongue the satisfaction of vomiting filth
about the deranged naked harlot

Should I eat my feelings so publicly?
Pour my woes into every traveller
Show them just how disgusting these scars really are

Tell me, would you still be here?

Poet Bio

Lerato Tsotetsi is a naturally born writer and a performing artist. She is 24 years old and resides in Pretoria.
Lerato is very ambitious and works smart. She is pursuing a career in performance art and writing.
Her motto is: Live vibrantly and always bring positive change wherever you go.


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