Battle Grounds by Modise

Modise | May 1st, 2012 | poetry | No Comments

Poet Bio

If our truth wasn’t so brutal, we would still be
But today will be as long as it takes for the sun to set
And we will suffer the darkest of nights
Where truth will find the silence to finally speak
These dreams will not be warm
And the dark will take precedence over peaceful alternatives
A series of deceitful intents have predicted fate
The battle ground has been prepared
The beasts thirst for blood and vengeance over betrayed principles
For In full light and the mercy of the universe our course was baptized
This was no mere quest
Every step, every word, every breath and heart beat was a journal entry
Redemption is the only way through
Lest all we all be sized down to a single grain of sand

Poet Bio

I have been writing and performing poetry since 2004, Popularly known as Nero. I Recorded a music album Titled Common Ground,Under the name Naked Content in 2007. Released a nationwide compilation CD featuring various other artists titled North West’s Finest in 2007. Released a self published mixtape titled ‘Since 98” in 2009 and a Single compilation titled “No Regrets” in 2010. I have also worked as a writer and actor and a theatrical poetry production titled Blood Love, as a production director for lyv Promotions and currently do administration and publicity on various Artistic projects.

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