Be Like Us by Onachi Isiofia

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Be Like Us

We didn’t have to tear her apart, because the monster did it for us.
Back then she was the golden girl.
Perfect body, perfect family, perfect friends.
But the monster knew it was all a facade.

The body we envied so much, was the result of an eating disorder.
The family we coveted so much, had an unemployed father and a drunk mother.
The friends we wanted so much; well, they’re gone now.

Her life was a bitter nightmare,
And our life was a sugar-coated dream.
We were the privileged sons and daughters of the Upper East Side.
And we took it upon ourselves to ruin a girl’s life.

We were snakes slithering in between all her cracks,
And it was easy to lure her into the lion’s den.
One night, four people, eight grams.
Zero consequences.

Or, so we thought.
We threw her into the deep end,
Sink or swim?
She sank like a rock.

In a month she went from angel to demon.
Perfect attendance to truancy.
Bookworm to party animal.
Golden girl to cocaine addict.

That year we made a monster.
Fayre wasn’t born with a silver spoon.
Not like us.
She couldn’t afford to screw up.
Not like us
But in the end, she fell.
Just like us.

Poet Bio

Onachi Isiofia is a student; currently focusing on writing urban fantasy and dabbling in the world of poetry. She enjoys creating diverse characters reflective of the different faces in society. She despises anything superficial and loves any type of allegorical story.

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