Because.. The Internet by Mteteleli Ceza

Mteteleli Ceza | June 10th, 2015 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | No Comments


Have you not heard?
Those diligent to be intelligent will find better use for the internet.
Have they not told you?
For each day passes with clusters from different classes to bewitch your sentiments,
Feelings betrayed, thoughts derailed all because I inhaled?
Chained and jailed without a voice, emotionally tamed,
And stained my heart is pained but wait!
It can all be changed,
As your enslaved mind is unchained but unchanged,
And your… crave for knowledge is en-raved and enraged,
And all… ignorance is contained and estranged,
For ignorance is bliss but untamed,
Wrathful and unashamed,
Damned but undead.
A virus which easily thrills and kills,
But before you relinquish,
I have a remedy which will give you energy to battle the deadly,
The relish you’ll cherish, it’s power will never parish,
“Because the internet”…

Poet Bio

This here is a 3rd year I.T Student who has recently fallen in love with poetry.

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