Behind closed doors by Soyani wa Ngoveni

Soyani wa Ngoveni | September 6th, 2022 | poetry | No Comments


Alone with my soul.
Knitting my heart
with threads of life.
Peace overhauling
elements of destruction inside me.

All alone telling a story of myself.
Remembering the twists and turns.
Turns of decisions I have made.
Twists about betrayals and trust.
Behind closed doors, all alone.

Unearthing memories.
Memories of joy and pain.
Reviewing secrets with myself.
Naked truth prevails.
Nowhere to hide, I’m all alone.

Unending questions on my mind.
Some I know the answer.
No more pride, all alone.
I know what to do,
and not what to do.

I know my strengths.
This closed door I’m facing
has many positive things out there.
My turns gave me experience in life.
My twists taught me whom to trust.

Life is full of possibilities.
All alone, I know what to do.
I have hope and faith.
Lessons learned.
All alone, behind closed doors.

Poet Bio

Kleinbooi Soyani is a versatile writer who specialises in current affairs opinion writing and poetry. He began writing poetry since 1996 when he was a student at the University of Limpopo. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Politics, and currently studying LLB with the University of South Africa.

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