Believer by Boniswa Campbell

Boniswa Campbell | October 24th, 2013 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | No Comments

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Are my drug,
The sweetest ecstasy that runs through my veins
As you drain my soul,
As you gain confidence,
As you taint,
Stain, everything I touch.
You give me so much!
So much love and hope and peace
In conjunction with anger and fear,
Leaving me amiss.
With the opposing truths that everyone seems to convey,
Don’t they realize that the secret is in thought?
So the plot thickens, silence rots my brain leaving me all distraught.
I’m intoxicated, this deception fondles my mind,
Twisting my perception of what is real and what is not,
And when I look at my reflection
I see a mixture of euphoria and bliss
But, put into action I’m inane,
I’m in pain,
There’s so much yet nothing to gain.
Your my drug
The sweet ecstasy that runs through my veins,
With rehab,
I won’t end up on a slab.
Outta my system,
Will ensure I do not get stabbed,
Where to,
Where from,
You’ll be in my life for ever and ever and ever,
Just remember never, ever trouble trouble till trouble troubles you, causing a cleaving in your liver.
I am.
Are you a believer?

Poet Bio

Boniswa’s passion is Words. Reading, writing, speaking. Moulding words into mental images.

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