Beloved daughter: But you are not there… by Ilse Goschus

Ilse Goschus | February 4th, 2016 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | No Comments

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As the sun disappears in orange
behind the sugar cane fields;
I hear your voice, your laughter,
I look…
but you are not there.

I see you dance.

The wind blows pathways
through your long, blonde hair.
I want to join you in your dance, but you are not there!

Your beautiful, large grey-green eyes,
look at me; beg me to help.
I reach out my hand,
but you are not there.

Tonight, I sing my song in the moonlight.
I hope you hear, my love!

Look up in the darkness; see the mountain.

The water in white,
rolling deep into the crevices,
are my tears, my love.

God sent you into my life.
I introduced you to my dance;
the dance I knew.
You developed your own rhythm
and danced the dance you knew.

You’ll be with me forever.
I’ll reach out to you at night.
In the stars, we will meet, my love.

Until we meet again;
with sadness and love…/tab]

Poet Bio

Ilse Goschus is a published author in English and Afrikaans. Her Afrikaans book of short stories, “Die Genadekinders” was published in 2007. She had been an intern journalist at “The Emerald Times”, a Canadian-based online newspaper. More than 100 of her news articles were published from November 2014-August 2015).

She won an award by Thompson Publishers (July 2015) for her Afrikaans Adult Fantasy story: Die Musikale Triomf: waar die illusies skuil./The Musical Triumph: where the illusions are hiding.

She completed a diploma course in News Journalism in December 2015 at the London School of Journalism.

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