Beneath Your Feet by Collen Molahlehi

Collen Molahlehi | November 1st, 2023 | poetry | No Comments

Poet Bio

Even after you’ve severed every limb
I still crawl back to the love that eats me inside out.
Look at how these pores breathe themselves
Into the cracks, you vowed to seal.
You broke every brick I’ve carefully laid
For you to climb over.
You searched for perfection inside me
Until my flaws consumed every mirror I crossed.
You watched what was meant to be, burn to the ground
But in the ashes of what could’ve been, I still find you.
When these pores breathe, it’s the hope of what may be
That buries me beneath your feet.

Poet Bio

He is an artist, published poet and a published short story writer.

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