Benega by Ntaoleng Labane

Ntaoleng Labane | May 23rd, 2022 | poetry | No Comments

Poet Bio

I remember you
From the frozen train tracks tracking all the way to Greenland
You were a boy of 15 years, blue eyed with a smile so wide
You were lying between the tracks with your drawing pad clutched on your chest
Your eyes shut
Your smile still wide with a missing tooth or two
You looked like you belonged to no one but the promise of God and a hopeful tomorrow
… I was the girl always looking over the fence
Eating hard candy like my teeth deserved a rotting death
We were never curious enough to move closer
For a whole hour we would stare at each other
A young white boy with starry eyes and a young black girl with nightmares in hers
I would grind that candy down to dust with my teeth
Undo my afro puffs so my hair can be wild and free
To experience the magic boy who comes with the day and leaves with the night
I never knew your name
You never knew mine
Perhaps the mystery we let live allowed us to believe that one day we could escape into each other’s worlds
Live out each other’s dreams
And dream each other’s dreams

Poet Bio

I was born in the Free State in a place called QwaQwa. I obtained my degree in Humanities from the University of the Free State. I started my poetry journey (performance) in 2018 where I won my first two slams. In 2019 I won my second slam. I’m more than just a poet: I’m an author, creative writer, podcast host, blogger, singer, visual artist. I’m a growing artist, learning from those who have been here longer than I have.

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