Beyoncé’s Got Nothing On You, Honey by Nyakale Mokgosi

Nyakale Mokgosi | January 1st, 2008 | poetry | No Comments

restless soul, living on a jagged edge
well-sculptured cleavage an artistic inspiration
unimaginable distress, worn like a badge
missing your stylish, provocative presence, a damnation

beyoncé’s got nothing on u honey
even in her wildest, wettest fantasies
u sell the sizzle, not the stake, miss universe
like halle berry, u are right on the money

heads turn and twist when u enter a room
nipples hard, sexy breasts jutting out like pyramids
someone like u comes once in a lifetime, like an heirloom
luv cork-screwing off your heart like lazer-beans, I memorize ur digits

even after u left, my love for you kept growing
showing a connection that leaves us both wanting.
For joy, On Your Birthday

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