Biafra 1967 by Refiloe Mdluli

Refiloe Mdluli | September 17th, 2023 | a poem a day challenge | No Comments

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Grotesque scenes of a senseless battle, ravage my mind as we are slaughtered like cattle.
Political rhetoric is our chosen weapon for defending our just cause.
We will only relent when tyranny finally falls.
Our rival’s artillery is indiscriminate of the innocence of our youth.
They are motivated by hatred while we stand for the truth.
Gaunt & emaciated figures march for our people’s liberation.
The pursuit of social justice fails to sate my hunger as I face starvation.
My stomach’s behest is that I must eat. Impassioned speeches & a desire to see change are our cause’s heartbeat.
Dying faith is resuscitated by the future we envision for our children.
History will celebrate the hero & disgrace the villain.
Squalid & dehumanizing living conditions stoke the fires in our brave hearts.
Daily routines offer us some normalcy until the shelling starts.
We must believe with absolute conviction that victory will be ours.
When that day comes the heavens will rejoice and bring down congratulatory showers.

Poet Bio

Refiloe loves writing creative pieces. She has always been fascinated by the ability of words to fashion worlds and experiences. She recently decided to go back to her first love: poetry. She is in her “happy girl” era.

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