Bigger than I by Chan

Chan | March 17th, 2018 | poetry | No Comments

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Suffering wild and unknown
My pained giants now grown
I look to what I have endeavoured
My soul tattered and weathered

Bigger than I are they,
These tormenting giants I wish to slay
Growing in me, my mind they do prey
My soul slowly breaking in decay

Pained memory, demons find
Happiness forever redefined.

Demons in my mind do play,
Demons I myself now away
Suppressing them with small pieces of joy
Smaller than they am I, I fight, strength deploy.

Smaller I may be than they,
But I my soul will not decay.
Fight I will and brave I remain.
Till shattered parts of my soul regain!

Poet Bio

Just an ordinary girl. Wanting to become someone that is heard through poetry.

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