“Billy Stands His Ground but Remains a Beast” by Warren Jeremy Rourke

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“Gnaw in the pit of stomach
that, type of hunger,”
says Billy Wethers to the poet
watching Nanny Doe being lit
as if from within, by sunshine.

“Strange to think the sun
travels all this way just to be
how we see each other,”
remarks poet, to his familial.

“Yes-yes, but I need
to be in her orbit and warmth; definite reach
devoured, if she gives the acknowledged bleat,”
Billy sighs, earnest as a farmer’s drought.

“Magnetism makes us
angels, man and beast alike
caught, by appearance’s sleight,”
sighs poet’s return to friend.

“Bro, go write a haiku
I just want the truthful gawk
I’m not here only for your meat, cheese, yoghurt, ice-cream, butter, milk and poet’s talk.”

Poet Bio

Warren is editor-in-chief for the South African based, not-for-profit literary publisher, Botsotso. He is also the rights and permissions manager for the Alan Paton Will Trust and co-founder of the literary journal, Hotazel Review. His poetry has been longlisted for the Sol Plaatje European Union Poetry Award and along with his fiction and nonfiction, has most recently, been published by New Contrast, the Botsotso Literary Journal and Olongo Africa. He is diagnosed bipolar disorder type 1.

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