Birthday of a Superwoman by Phahunye

Phahunye | January 17th, 2021 | poetry | No Comments

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It’s dead silent in the midnight
when moon hatched
her light on thatched
remote rural hut where labor pains
flashed like lightning in the night
provoking gushing waters and bloodstains
mummy’s birth struck granny like thunderbolt
sweat hurried down her face as she stood bold,
the mother grabs the sharp edge of the knife
when delivering her bundle of joy full of life
granny brooded over mummy
like mother hen over her day old chicks
making sure she filled her tummy
breastfeeding and watching her tiny kicks
as she ululated and feasted on her breast
mummy’s first cries were that of the beast

my goddess descended
on earth like Superwoman,
to the Creator praises ascended
indeed Jehovah is Superman!
today i’m my mum’s image
in everything i say and do
though in adolescence stage
my confidence raises like though
as i shape and bake my future
like a wine with time i’ll mature
and relay mum’s wisdom to my seed
so it grows and flourish among weed

Hip-hip, hoooray!
mum’s birth brought a ray of hope
with her on our side, we can cope
mummy, enjoy your cake on the tray
when satisfied, unwrap all gift bundles
while light illuminates from tiny candles
the best gift is the Holy Book
from it wisdom you can hook

Poet Bio

Tebeile Phahunye Amos is a published poet who write English and Afrikaans poems.

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