Bits and pieces by Mec

Mec | March 25th, 2023 | a poem a day challenge | 1 Comment

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May the (right) pieces
Gravitate towards us
Find me, and you too
May the Southeaster wisp away
The kinks in the cable too
May the right bits
Act like it is showbiz
Dazzling too
May the imperfectly perfect
The parts destined for me and you
Fit wholly, if it pleases you too

Poet Bio

A reader since she could stand
Her soul forever braiding
A writer and poet, whole ♥

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1 thought on “Bits and pieces by Mec”

  1. I’m more than impressed with Mec’s piece, Domestic Love. It feels so fresh & effortless.

    For that reason, I’ll judge her by the highest standard she set herself.

    Lovely work


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