Black by Nkwana Joshua

Nkwana Joshua | Oct 24th, 2019 | poetry | No Comments


If I have to speak of a color which stands on its own.
I’ll point to you, my black dynamite!
You! my black–
a color of so much in one.

when they see the sky blue
I see black!
black at daylight
black on clouds
black at night
black with the stars
black on shine
black on the moon
black hugs
black loves
black walks in tuxedos
black smiles on weddings
black dance on parties
black class on cars
black moans in bedrooms
black cries on funerals
black gowns on graduations
black rules in courtrooms
black talks in parliament
black recites
black sings
black raps
black heals
black is jazz
black is classic
black is power
black is life
black is immortal
black is magic
black is everything

and next time you hear of black,
bear in mind that’s where everything unlocks!

Poet Bio

Nkwana Joshua Serutle is a poet and performer, who was born and raised outside Burgersfort, Limpopo in a small village called Ga-Kgwete. His poems had been published on Poetry Potion, Odd Magazine, Sol Plaatje European Union Poetry Anthology Vol 8, MuseIndia, Avbob Poetry Competition, Africa Best “New” Poets Anthology 2018 and Writer’s Write.

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