Blood Cleansing by zamantungwa

zamantungwa | April 9th, 2014 | a poem a day challenge | No Comments

A Poem A Day challenge visual prompt:

Rwandan Genocide Skulls at Nyamata Memorial Site

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When there were no more tears left to cry
The blood still flowed like rivers
Licking the toes of those who still lived

Was the thirst quenched?

Long after the gunfire had seized out there
In here they still ricocheted between husband and wife
Who’s union was parted by machetes.

Was the cleansing over?

Tutsi blood flowed into Hutu blood into
Mother’s blood, into father’s blood into
Brothers and sisters blood into the blood of children

Who would bury whom?

The collection of limbs began
Too many to sort
All the same after all.

Who were we now?

Poet Bio

zamantungwa is the founder and editor of Poetry Potion

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