Blue Nites – Purple Days by Samuel Azubuike Duru

Samuel Azubuike Duru | February 2nd, 2011 | poetry | No Comments

In my nites on the glue
I was engulfed in the blue
midnite blues
…no conciliatory hues
no vindicating clues
no balmy ointment
for my wound’s treatment
no teddy to cuddle
it was chagrin and hurdle
midnight grumbles.

I was pretty saddened
coz my wounds reddened
from their spoken laden.
It was a mammoth burden
that’s why I was maddened.

Alas I pity the scoffers
coz they’re idle loafers –
nosy parkers, who monger scuttlebutts,
they’re not brainier than cigar butts.

Lo and behold, Heaven visited my trouble
…gave me double for my trouble
Heaven humbled those who rattled
coz He hearkened to my grumble.

To make my wage ample,
Heaven redouble my marble.
In my eyes it was a marvel –
glory to Heaven for blotting my trouble;
bless Him, for He alone, gives coddle.

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