Born Free by Carol Ronaldson

Carol Ronaldson | June 16th, 2011 | a poem a day challenge | No Comments

Born free! It’s June 16!
They crow like cocks
proclaiming a new day
to the child
that stands before me
clutching at her mother’s skirts
as the traffic light
turns red, she stares
full of knowing.

As I look in her eyes
they betray the lie
that simmers in a pot
made on fires
just below shadows
of ivory towers that burn
with electric illusions
of smug delusion,
as the rhetoric reptile
slithers its way
between shacks built from tin
where the hunger sneaks in
as it claws at the stomach
curls its fists in despair
then falls asleep hungry.

These are the
seeds that we’ve sown,
the harvest we’ll reap
that will cause to us weep,
as the hyenas of promise,
circle the weak,
close in for the kill
as they cackle, and feed
tear apart with their teeth
the beautiful rainbow
as it burns in the air,
dissolves in the heat,
into nothing.

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