Boundary Lines by Tashmin Martin

Tashmin Martin | April 15th, 2016 | poetry | No Comments

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Boundary lines, boundary lines, made by human hands.
Today I erase you from my life and I embrace God’s plan.
No race, nor age, nor culture nor creed will define who I am!
Boundary lines, boundary lines, today I erase you from my mind.
I live my life once, a thousand times and race against the hands of time.
Boundary lines, boundary lines, you will be no more.
I break your power as I over step your line and I embrace a child of another kind!
I see no colour but just a face, another gift of God to the human race.
I care not where you come from; I care not what you look like.
For today I cut off every yoke that separate the souls of man.
Make room now for love and peace, for your brother who kneels at your feet.
Be a hand that gives and a hand that feeds.
Who cares how big the world is, when sometimes we hold someone’s world in our very hand.
Lord, shift every boundary not just from the land but remove it from the heart of every man!


Poet Bio

Tashmin Martin shares a passion for poetry usually accompanied by photography. She is inspired by life, dreams, passion and pain. The ingredients that make poetry alive and real. Hoping to impact, influence, entertain and empower all who read her poems.

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