Boys will be Boys by Beula Kapp

Beula Kapp | July 20th, 2018 | poetry | No Comments

Poet Bio

Boys will be boys but not for long
as the years come to pass
boys will transition into men
and what kind of men do
we want them to be?
It is up to you,
it is up to me
to teach the boys
to become
the best men they can be.
From a young age they
should be taught
with respect to respect,
with love to love.
it is up to each of us
to nurture our future men
to become the lion of his own den.

Poet Bio

Beula Kapp born an artistic soul developed the love of poetry, art and music in her early teens.
Her poetry is filled with passion, life’s joys and life’s struggles that can relate to the everyday person.
She not only enjoys writing poetry, fiction and flash fiction but reading it as well, thus she enjoys being apart of an online community where she is able to contribute, read and communicate with other artists

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