Braamfontein beams by Rolland Simpi Motaung

Rolland Simpi Motaung | March 1st, 2022 | poetry | 1 Comment

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Ancient bubble gum on pavements
Piss and vomit on walls-concrete jungle paintings
Dodgy dealings. Corporate dreams bleeding.
While Mandela Bridge promises academic achievements.

Yet we still wait for fees to fall like leaves
Demotivated by a government of liars and thieves

In these streets, you can PicknPay your brand of corruption.
Smells of urban culture evolution
Now the neighborhood has a new playground.
Lunch boxes filled with blessings from parents or spouses.
Black and Brown Tax bounds

Security guard hungry to assert authority
Car guard’s angry at peanut currency.

Putco bus brews.Taxi brake pad screams.
Car-born monoxide steams.
This place needs you to have purpose or else
Time is wasted like pamphlets in sewage streams.
Or else you hope-less. Dream- less
Lost like Uber navigations

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