Breathing Through the Shattered Pieces by Laeeq Orrie

Laeeq Orrie | March 26th, 2023 | poetry | No Comments

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The next breath, oh how it beckons,
A fragile whisper amidst the wreckage.
With shattered pieces, a heart once whole,
I dare not breathe, I fear my soul will fold.

The weight of pain, oh how it bears,
A burden too heavy for one to bear.
My tears, they fall like rain,
And with each drop, a piece of me remains.

The next breath, it feels so heavy,
As if the air around me has turned deadly.
But still, I must go on and try,
To live, to breathe, to not let life pass me by.

The next breath, it holds such power,
To heal, to mend, to make me stronger.
For in each breath, I find a way,
To face another day.

And though my heart may ache and break,
I know that with each breath I take,
I will find the strength to rise,
To overcome, to survive.

So I will breathe, one breath at a time,
And with each inhale, I will find,
The courage to face my fears,
And let go of all my tears.

For the next breath, it is my hope,
My anchor in this endless slope.
And though my heart may be shattered,
I will find the strength to rise again,
With the next breath, and the next after that.

With each breath, I will not falter,
For my heart still beats, and my soul still alters.
I’ll take in the air, and let it fill me up,
With hope and with courage, and never give up.

For the next breath, it’s a gift I treasure,
A chance to start again, to seek new pleasure.
And though the pain may linger and sting,
I know that with each breath, my heart will sing.

Sing of love, of joy, of all that’s true,
Of the beauty in life, and all that’s due.
For the next breath, it’s a promise of tomorrow,
A chance to heal, to love, to banish all sorrow.

And so I’ll keep breathing, one breath at a time,
Till my heart is strong, and my soul does shine.
For the next breath, it’s a promise of life,
A chance to grow, to heal, to thrive.

So if you’re broken, shattered, and lost,
Take a deep breath, and let it be your cost.
For the next breath, it’s a promise of hope,
A chance to overcome, to learn, to cope.

Poet Bio

Laeeq is a student 17 years of age
Poetry is one of his many great passions
All of his poetic pieces are unique
His every word, expressed in great complexity

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