Brewing The Wind by Makhanda Senzangakhona

Makhanda Senzangakhona | Mar 1st, 2019 | poetry | No Comments


I’m the seed in the soil
Awaiting the summer rains
Beneath the pile,
defying debris and
trying refuse,
“I rise to meet my sun”.
Though the hurricane rage
And the floods foam
Daring to drown hope
In cauldrons of despair
Defiant I stride, head held high
Mutinious as hell and rebel
As they come.
You may’ve owned yesterday
Tomorrow belongs to us
And our children ‘s children

Poet Bio

Makhanda Senzangakhona is the nome de guerre and pen name for Paul Oupa Serekele Ramachela. The author has retained the use of both names because he does not wish to be lost to his comrades nor become an alien to his family, and relations. Previously published poems, short stories and other narratives have appeared in the following publications, amongst others, Staff Rider, Rixaka, Mayibuye, Mrabulo and Black Letter Media-Poetrypotion. 
The author has served in various roles in and outside SA; until recently he was a senior public servant.

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